Killer Instinct DRM Situation No Present in Xbox One's TOS, Policy Guide There's nothing there in the policy guides or the terms of service indicating that you have t o be online at all times to access the content.

Marvel Heroes Get Siege Update They also add a playable version of Ghost Rider, for those of you who want to redeem his good name after that abysmal movie.

Dark Souls Too Young To Go Free-to-Play The developers have no intention of turning Dark Souls into a soulless cash cow.

FTL Advanced Edition Alien Race Features Announced New DLC is inbound for an early Kickstarter success.

Scariest Game of 2013: Gone Home One of the most talked about games of 2013 is also one of the scariest.

GTA City of Paradise is Fake, Fake, Fake If you thought it was real, think again.

Activision Copyright Strikes Microsoft Over Call of Duty Ghosts: Trailer

Top 5 Surprising Indie Games of 2013 They weren't the most standard fare hipster games of the year.

DayZ Standalone Read The Best Steam Reviews Now Find out what players are saying about this game in a hilarious bit of reading material.

Killzone Shadow Fall Sells A Million Copies; Dead Rising 3 Sells 600,000 Copies Two of the biggest exclusive launch titles for the PS4 and Xbox One have their numbers exposed, and it doesn't look good for the Xbox One.

Bastion Developer Says Transistor is Playable The indie dev says that their upcoming title is playable and will be arriving in 2014.

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