Spike TV's annual VGAs came and went with probably some pretty low Neilson scores, but there were quite a few unveils that were almost noteworthy. Valve launched the Big Picture Mode this week to a lot of fanfare and praises from the PC community, and Bethesda takes a different approach to launching DLC for the PS3 version of Skyrim. These stories and more in this December 8th, 2012 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Bless, Unreal Engine 3 MMO Has Great Graphics, Boring Gameplay A cool concept gone to waste thanks to age-old gameplay mechanics.

Castelvania Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate Pre-Order Earns You 3DS Case Now this is a real cool gesture from Konami...giving away free cases for the Nintendo 3DS? Nice.

Elder Scrolls Online Team Wants To Know Your Favorite Villain And by favorite villain...they don't mean that poor old fart you picked on and killed just so you could take his house.

Diablo 3 Statue Priced at $350 Well, that's...um...yeah, Blizzard will clean up on die-hard fanboys.

Rocketbirds Hardboiled Chicken Heading To Vita in Early 2013 The Rocketbirds are really making the rounds these days, eh?

Dead or Alive 5 Plus Coming To PS Vita The fighting game from Tecmo Koei is scheduled to arrive on the PS Vita soon.

BioShock Infinite Box Art Seems A Bit Lonely An interesting artistic design choice for the upcoming shooter gets a lot of chatter going on the interwebs.

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