White Xbox One Lands On eBay For $7k
Talk about some expensive hobbies... $7,500 on eBay for a white Xbox One? Is it worth it? Is the vanilla chocolate media player deserving of such funds? Is that cloudy white box of sexiness worthy of your wallet seed? Is that rectangular pearl of digital entertainment the machine of your dreams? Well, maybe there's still time to grab one... from eBay. If you're into something a little more cost-effective, you can pledge some dollar-dollar bills to JetGetters, which is currently trying to rack up some coin on Kickstarter. If you're short on cash all the way around, you can skip out on spending anything and grab some high-class mods for GTA IV to give the game the graphics you always wanted out of Watch Dogs.

Oculus VR Gets Purchased By Facebook
I can't imagine anyone saw this one coming, yet here it is. Mark Zuckerberg took a real gamble and publicly announced that Facebook has acquired Oculus VR for $2 billion. Yep, the amount Zuckerberg could have spent buying his own private island, he decided to instead spend on a video game VR helmet. Nice. The deal will see the company plastering logos and Facebook ads all over the headset. I'm sure it'll kind of make you feel like you're watching TV on your TV. On the upside, at least you'll still be able to enjoy games like Projeect CARS with a Oculus Rift dev unit... one that hasn't been perverted with Facebook ads.

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