Roam: When DayZ Meets MineCraft You can build stuff, destroy stuff and survive zombie hordes...and do so while playing with friends. Count me in please.

Next Gen Development Costs Will Rise, Says Bobby Kotick Because of...?

Origin Finally Launches For Mac Now you can get screwed on Mac by EA, just the same as you can get screwed on PC by EA.

Half-Life Counter Strike Now On Linux Play Valve's fan-favorite titles on Linux.

Planet Explorers Alpha 0.5 Releases With Even More World Building It's a hugely ambitious title that seems to be coming along quite nicely. But don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself with the free alpha demo.

Pre-Order Gears of War Judgment From Walmart, Get Gears of War 2 or 3 For Free Build a trilogy of games with just one Walmart purchase.

Slender The Arrival Beta Is The Pre-Order Bonus If you order the game early you'll gain access to the beta.

Skylanders Hits $1 Billion, Could Be The Next Call of Duty Activision really hit the jackpot with Skylanders, but can they keep it up?

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