Orion Dino Horde Lets You Play As A T-Rex The dino PvP genre is really expanding these days.

Daylight, Next-Gen Unreal Engine 4 Game Coming To Steam For $20

G4 Becomes Esquire This Spring Goodbye gaming. Despite rising in popularity you're being replaced by a magazine TV channel.

Dead Space 3 Review: Nope! Yep...Nope!

Violent Video Games Tap Into Survival Values, Says ISU Professor The violent video game debate takes a different turn, with some asking what the appeal is with violent games?

Prison Architect Hits $1 Million In Pre-Orders Who says designing prisons can't be a lucrative software venture.

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed Now Available For Nintendo 3DS Sega launches their racing title for Nintendo's 3DS.

Journey Leads List of 2013 BAFTA Games Nominees Thatgamecompany continues to reap success from Journey.

Aliens Colonial Marines Review Round-Up: Nuke It From Orbit It didn't turn out too well for Gearbox Software's Aliens FPS.

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