EverQuest Next Landmark Alpha System Requirements Announced Find out if your computer has the cajones to run this new-generation MMO.

EverQuest Next Coming To PS4; PlanetSide 2 Releasing on PS4 Soon This is great news for people looking for something to fill out the library during the software drought.

PS4 Supply Can't Keep Up With Demand, Says Sony Well, that's what happens when you launch a very successful console. They have no one to blame for this situation except for Microsoft and all their terrible marketing throughout 2013.

Nintendo Bringing Wii U, 3DS Demos To Mobile Devices The Big 'N' takes the plunge and may start investigating mobile options for their games.

Bound By Flame Is 1080p On PS4, 20 Min Video Released Check out some of the gameplay from the upcoming game from Spiders, Bound by Flame.

Redux Dark Matters Launches On Dreamcast People really love the Dreamcast for some reason and that's why a game was launched for it this week.

Blackguards Early Impressions: You Can't Sleepwalk Through Combat Trust me, I've tried.

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