Tomb Raider Interview: Composing Music Fit for A Legend We chat it up with Jason Graves about his stellar work on the Tomb Raider soundtrack.

Bungie's Destiny May Not Be Coming In 2013 Iffy news surfaces that indicates the game could be a way off.

DayZ Standalone Limited Alpha Keys Being Issued Oh boy, how I wish I was one of the lucky ones!

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Headlines Tomorrow's PSN Update

Don't Blame Journalists For Aliens Colonial Marines Being Terrible Pete Haas offers a counter-argument to the original that blamed gaming journalists for not being more forthcoming about Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Wii U Is A Mistake, Nintendo Can't Recover Says Michael Pachter More fuel for the flames...and boy are they burning high.

Rock Band DLC Finally Plays Its Final Note In April No more DLC for Rock's done, it's finished.

Age of Wushu Villain Screenshots Scope out some of the bosses of the game.

Bungie's Destiny May Not Come To PC Poor PC gamers, always getting the backwood treatment from devs.

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