APB Reloaded Getting Optimized In A Huge Way, Soon G1 will be fixing one of the most problematic features of the game.

PS4 Prices, PlayStation World Subscription Detailed By Report A little speculation on what's going to be announced tomorrow.

BioShock Infinite Goes Gold, Lamb of Columbia Trailer Released

Gearbox Lied To Sega About Aliens: Colonial Marines, Says Developer A former employee spills even more beans. At this junction, there are so many beans spilled in this scenario that all the homeless people in America can be fed.

Xbox 720 Leaked Specs Tipster Gets Raided By Police Oh, he fought the law...and the law won.

Michael Pachter Clarifies Comments About Wii U Being A MistakeMichael Pachter Clarifies Comments About Wii U Being A Mistake The Pach-Man doesn't take anything back, but he does add some context.

Defiance Being Published For Xbox 360, PS3 By Namco Bandai The MMOTPS is arriving this April at retail thanks to Namco Bandai.

BlizzCon 2013 Dates, Location Confirmed Blizzard is back for a big convention this year.

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