Evoland Brings Evolutionary Legend of Zelda Gameplay To Greenlight Fusing turn-based and real-time combat with a journey from 8-bit worlds to 64-bit aesthetics.

BioShock Infinite Documentary Tells Columbia's Story Find out how the city in the sky came to be and how it achieved the reputation that it currently has.

Chasm Brings Back The Charm To Side-Scrolling RPGs A new game clambering onto Steam's Greenlight is as inventive as it is charming.

War Thunder Heads Into Open Beta The new free-to-play aerial combat simulator heads into open beta.

Skyrim DLC Dragonborn Now Available For Pre-Purchase If you think the DLC is worth it, you can pay for it before you even get a chance to see it in action.

Ragnarok Online Valkyrie Uprising Brings MMO Fun to Mobile This February The popular PC MMORPG will make its way to Android and iOS next week.

Orion Dino Beatdown: Jurassic Edition Coming To Steam Q1, 2013 While the original game didn't get all that great a reception, the sequel looks like a kickbutt throwdown in dino-town. I'm in.

Guise Wolf Stealth Gothic Werefolf Game An interesting new game that puts players in the shoes of a werewolf. Good stuff.

Gears of War Judgment Demo Early Access As GameStop Exclusive grab the game from GameStop and you get early access to Judgment's demo.

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