Prince of Persia Shelved by Ubisoft The series will be sitting on a shelf for a while until they can figure out how to get it to turn a profit.

Killzone Mercenary Release Date Confirmed, Watch The Gameplay Trailer Now The PS Vita's Killzone finally gets a firm release date.

Wii U Now Supports Full Havok Development Suite Design tools from Havok have become a lot more accessible to Wii U developers, starting today (well, not really “today” for those of you reading this late).

Dead Space 3 Pay 2 Win Cash Shop Items Listed, Priced You don't have time to play and enjoy the game? Check out the items you can buy in order to win faster.

Wii U Sells 3 Million Units, 11 Million Games Nintendo may not be breaking down barriers the way they did with the Wii U but they're doing what they can.

Pirates of the Burning Sea Joins Portalus Games Leaving SOE and joining Portalus brings a fresh start to Pirates of the Burning Sea.

Radagast Joins Guardians of Middle Earth for Xbox 360 A new hero joins the 360 for Guardians of Middle-Earth.

Valve Modifying Steam Eula, VZBV Files Complaint With Court of Berlin Things end back up in hot water for Valve and the VZBV.

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