Aliens Colonial Marines Interview We talk with the composer to get a bit of insight into what it was like working on a game that ties directly into the canon for James Cameron's Aliens film.

GTA V On Xbox 720, PS4 Addressed By Take-Two CEO Find out what the boss has to say about the game arriving on next-gen consoles.

Witcher 3 Screenshots Feature Whales, Horseback Riding, Ships This game is beyond a shadow of a doubt a true next-gen gem.

Fuzzy Slaughter Brings Co-op Beat E'm Up Action To Kickstarter A beat e'm up where you fight against PITA has all sorts of fun, hilarity and pervisity in tow.

Steam Mobile App Now Supports iPad Better support, I might add.

Worms, Alien Breed Games Go On Sale For Xbox 360 Namco Bandai also puts a few of their titles on sale, too.

TERA Rising Now Free-to-Play And enabling you to experience true next-gen gameplay on today's generation of computers.

Borderlands 2 Add-On Content Pack Includes Previously Released DLC You can get all the new and old content for Borderlands 2 in one tight little package.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Announced For Next-Gen Systems The first trailer has also gone live and you can enjoy this news along with the new screenshots.

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