Assassin's Creed 3 Tyranny King Washington Screenshots Show Off Wolves Invisibility Command wolves and dress like a savage badass in the latest DLC pack for AC3.

Xbox 720 Will Be Always-On, Bans Used Games, According To Edge More rumors for the mill but they could be true as true gets.

Dead Space 3 Bug Gives You Unlimited Resources Oh, a foil in EA's microtransaction plan backfires when a bug is used like this age-old thing called...a code.

Aliens: Killing Floor Total Conversion Now Available Can't wait for the release of Colonial Marines? Check out the free Aliens: Killing Floor total conversion.

Allods Online Lords of Destiny Expansion Coming March gPotato continues to unleash expansion packs for the MMO.

EA Wins Publisher of the Year Award From Metacritic The numbers don't lie

Ninja Gaiden Razor's Edge Coming To Xbox 360, PS3 Tecmo Koei is publishing the game on Microsoft and Sony's systems this spring.

Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Horror Game Announced An interesting new investigative murder-horror game has been announced by former People Can Fly devs.

Saints Row 4, Metro Last Light Coming in 2013 THQ's former titles now under Koch Media will make a later 2013 launch...will Saints Row stand a chance against GTA V?

Gears of War Judgment Goes Gold Set for release this spring, the final entry in this generation's Gears of War comes to a close.

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