New Sci-fi Game Inbound For PS4 And Xbox One
We don't know what it is and we don't know when it's coming, but it's coming and it's coming soon... a sci-fi game for home consoles. The only thing we can confirm on that title is that Jesper Kyd has been assigned to the project. One thing we do know about, though, is that APB: Reloaded will be upgraded to the latest Unreal Engine 3. Of course, if waiting isn't your thing and you'd rather get straight to the butt kicking, there's a newbie guide for Elder Scrolls Online you might want to check out.

EA Jokes About Wii U Getting Frostbite 3 Games
Dripping lemon juice on a sliced wound seems like cruel torture, but that's exactly what the Frostbite team did during April Fools' day as a way to rib Nintendo and the Wii U, saying that all the newest Frostbite games will come to the Wii U and that it was the strongest console of the eighth gen. On a lighter note, Chris Roberts reaffirmed to eager backers of Star Citizen that they would not allow big billion dollar corporations to buy them out the way Facebook did with the Oculus Rift. Of course, the week of April Fools' wouldn't be complete without a nudge about Half-Life 3 and Knights of the Old Republic.

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