Age of Empires Online Stops Adding New Content Why? Because it's too expensive. Don't be surprised to see the game fall in shortly.

Skyrim Redguard Could Be Next DLC? Bethesda Responds And so do a lot of angry PS3 owners.

Absolute Force Beta Getting Updated Content, New Map New content, new maps, all fun.

God of War Beta, Mega Man Games Make Up First PlayStation Plus Update of 2013 Lots of new content for PS Plus members. Be sure to check out the full list of content.

Akaneiro Demon Hunters Joins Kickstarter A really cool looking ARPG needs help in the crowd-sourcing avenue.

Game Industry's Poor Sales Partly Due To Wii U, Says Pachter Well, of course, Nintendo should have been more Activisiony and maybe they wouldn't have that problem.

SteelSeries Unveils Apex, Apex Raw Keyboards Two new peripherals are launching for gaming enthusiasts looking for cost-effective keyboards.

Where is DayZ Standalone? Dean Hall Explains Why the delay? Well, Dean Hall says it all.

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