Bohemia Interactive managed to make it back into the top news of most circuits during this week on two separate occasions, including the two developers captured by Greek authorities who were finally released this week. In addition to this, Arma II has been topping the charts once more, making it first on Steam's top 10. An analyst has also chimed in on the next-gen debate and what the pricing might be like, putting them somewhere within the $400 range. And have you been curious why Pokemon games – specifically the newest titles – aren't on or coming to the Wii U? Well, the developers give a little insight to that. These stories and more in this January 19th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Xsyon Prelude Brings Open World Emergent, MMO Gaming To Greenlight An open-world, world-building MMO joins Steam's Greenlight.

Pokemon X And Y And Why They're Not Coming To Wii U An explanation by the developers on why Pokemon X And Y and how they're not showing up for Nintendo's latest console.

DayZ Standalone Delay Boosts Arma 2 Sales? It's possible, but not certified.

God of War Ascension Beta Rewards Announced Sony lays out some of the rewards for participating in the God of War: Ascension beta.

Fire Emblem Awakening Gets 3DS Bundle Nintendo plans to really clean up on the popularity of the military strategy series.

Zenonia 5 Wheel of Destiny Now Offering Adventures On The iOS A new JRPG-style game arrives for Apple's handsets.

Gearbox Almost Made Call of Duty Could you imagine what the Borderlands developers could have done with the Call of Duty license? Not much, I imagine.

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