Batman Arkham 3 Possible Titles Revealed A few names for the possible threequel in Rocksteady's highly lauded GOTY-winning franchise.

MLB 13 Show Cover Athlete Andrew McCutchen Sony's MLB gets its cover athlete in Andrew McCutchen.

Luna Shattered Hearts Brings RPG Platforming To Kickstarter A neat little RPG platformer is looking for some funding on Kickstarter.

Special Forces Team X Release Date Announced The third-person shooter lands on Xbox 360 and Steam next month.

DmC Devil May Cry Easter Egg Has Dante Making Fun of Dante It's something you'll have to watch to understand.

Dragon Sword Brings Absolutely Stunning Next-Gen Combat To MMOs A muscular-reaction system, physics-based impacts and more than 1,000 hit points makes the combat in Dragon Sword a stunning display of amazing technical proportions.

Analyst Says PS4, Xbox 720 Could Cost $400 Fair? Low? High? Let's just hope that the hardware specs aren't gimped.

Diablo 3 Dueling Takes Place In Act I, No Perma Death Good thing for HC players who are afraid to even step outside of the safe zone lest they lose their high level character to lag.

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