Dust 514 Launches for PS3 Today CCP has also opened up the EVE Online servers for full integration with the new MMOFPS for PS3.

Elder Scrolls Online Beta Sign-Ups Begin Bethesda is now recruiting gamers for the upcoming launch of the Elder Scrolls Online.

SimCity EULA Modified, EA Says They Won't Ban Accounts For Unreported Bugs This is really good news for people who wanted to play the beta but didn't sign up in fear of being EA'nalized.

Old School Defense Now Available For iOS, Android Based very very loosely on the movie of the same name, Old School Defense becomes available for mobile devices of varying tastes and flavors.

THQ Has Been Sold Off, Saints Row, Homefront, Metro Last Light Find New Homes Pretty big news about the death of THQ.

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD Coming to Wii U Nintendo begins whipping out the big guns.

Crysis 3 Beta Announced For PS3, Xbox 360, PC Fancy getting into the beta? Sign-up right now.

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