Best Games of 2013: Pete's A Filthy Hipster Gaming Blend's Pete Haas avoids the big AAA titles and settles for more indie fanfare.

Xbox One Controller Modded For Disabled Gamers If you have only one hand (or access to only one hand) you should check out this new controller from Ben Heck.

Gaming Column: My Family Suddenly Becomes Full-Time Gamers Ryan Winslett offers up a unique holiday experience with his family.

Halo 5 Hoax Site Preps Fake Announcement For Xbox One The site behind a bunch of fake viral scams is prepping for a fake Halo 5 announcement.

Perfect World Bringing MMORPGs to Consoles More free-to-play MMOs are set to arrive for Sony and Microsoft's newest consoles.

Halo Spartan Assault Review: Xbox One Gets A Good Halo Game It may be a top-down shooter but it's supposedly a darn good one.

War Thunder Rolls Out Phase Two Closed Tanks Beta More ground-assault goodness invades the War Thunder universe.

Wii U Gamepad Hacked To Stream PC Games This is a real fine accomplishment by hackers. Check out the full article for the rundown of what they were able to stream and play on the Wii U's Gamepad.

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