Gaming Blend 2012 Recap Everything that helped shape this year gets a spotlight and a recap.

Star Control 2 HD Remake Now Available A redo of one of the classic old-school titles gets an HD makeover for today's generation.

Dead or Alive 5 Match Replay Uploads Coming Soon Upload your replays and showcase your skills to your friends without having to actually play the game in front of them...cool stuff.

Dead Space 3 Wants You To Talk Dirty And lay out some of those mean swear combos you've been hiding while around your significant other...you know those swear combos I'm talking about.

Zeno Clash 2 Screenshots Welcome In The New Year Environment and enemy shots showcase the game's continued reach for a unique creative goalpost.

Fez Coming To Other Platforms Phish finally stops being a douche long enough to potentially port Fez over to other platforms. Has the gaming community forgiven him, though?

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