Xbox Live Summer Arcade Features Flashback, TMNT Dang, I loved both of those games. There are the near perfect representation of 16-bit nostalgia. Seriously.

Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina DLC Isn't The Last Gearbox still has plans to pump out additional content for Borderlands 2 and Aliens: Colonial Marines.

GamersGate Kicks Off Summer Sale With Nearly 400 Discounts A whole bunch of games drop in price and made available for even PauperStation fans.

Just Cause 2 Gets Blood Dragon Treatment, Courtesy of Modders Some amazing new mods drop for Just Cause 2, including a collection of mods that gives the game a bit of a Blood Dragon makeover.

What Is Payday 2? A Really Kick Butt Co-op Heist Game A new video runs through a lot of cool parts for the upcoming cooperative heist game, Payday 2.

Star Citizen Racks Up $14 Million in Crowd Funding, New Ships Being Added Star Citizen is just really racking up a storm in crowd-funding and the game's content just keeps on expanding.

GTA 5 Combat Adds Hip Firing, Removes Hard-Locking Rockstar details some of the new firing mechanics and weapon combat in GTA V.

Unity Surpasses 2 Million Registered Developers, Time To Bring On The Games There are exciting times ahead for both consoles and PC game development, courtesy of Unity Technologies.

After Earth Interview: Composer Joshua R. Mosley Talks Endless Running We chat briefly with the composer for the mobile game based on M. Night's recent movie.

World of Warcraft Game Store Explained By Blizzard Why are they adding microtransactions to a subscription-based game? Well, for money of course.

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