The EVO crowd is an honest crowd. They come to see great matches, they come to cheer and jeer the winners, the losers, the egoist and the crowd favorites. The one thing the EVO crowd does not tolerate is fake hype and a company that nearly tried to murder their hobby and any time Microsoft or the Xbox One's name was dropped, the crowd broke out in boos and we have the footage. Things keep getting better for the big corps as the NCAA finally got tired of the BS and decided to part ways from EA. And, there's a new supplement making the rounds, but should it be considered a legit form of gamer fuel? These stories and more in this edition of Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Xbox One Gets Booed Out At EVO While Demoing Killer Instinct The Xbox One gets hit hard on the community front when the EVO crowd boos them out of the building.

PC Hardware Sales Drop By 10% Last Quarter The last quarter wasn't very friendly toward the standard retailer OEM hardware sales.

Defiance Contest Could Put Your Character In The Show Partake in the in-game contests for Defiance to have your character appear in the Syfy TV show.

StreetPass Mii Plaza: A Closer Look At The Games Gaming Blend's Ryan Winslett gives us a rundown of the new Mii Plaza titles via StreetPass.

EVO 2013 Finals Live Streams An archive of the streams from EVO 2013.

Deus Ex: The Fall Jailbreak DRM Removed Square Enix takes the DRM out of the recent Deus Ex game.

Clean Up Master Chief's Mess With Viscera Cleanup Detail You get to be the janitor of the gory FPS games out there... no lie. It's definitely worth checking out. The video is absurdly addicting.

Batman Arkham Origins Collector Edition Details Leaked The game has a special collector's edition in the work and some new details spill.

Super Street Fighter 4 Adding Five New Characters Capcom has a cache of new characters on the way for SSF4: AE as well as a DLC update for the current version of the game.

Damned Horror Game Lets You Hunt Your Friends The latest in horror titles enables you to hunt down your friends while they're trapped in a spooky hotel.

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