Assassin's Creed Brahman Graphic Novel Set In India A new graphic novel helps flesh out a new Assassin from India.

Xbox One Dev Kits Are Hard To Gain Access To, Says Compulsion Games Indie devs aren't having the easiest or best time getting their hands on the tools for the XB1.

Get Gamers Interview: Bringing Video Games To Hospitalized Kids A great article from Katy Goodman about the good video games can bring to disabled or hospitalized kids.

Cube World Epic Boss Fight Video Shows Off Massive Destruction Check out some awesome new footage of the alpha RPG, Cube World

RuneScape 3 Has Finally Launched Jagex's latest MMO has gone live.

Porting Some Unity Games To BlackBerry Can Be Done In One Day It doesn't take a long time to port games from one platform to the next, according to a BlackBerry representative.

Warframe Could be On Xbox One If Microsoft Alters Indie Policies Warframe was intended to be released on more than just the PS4 but unfortunately things didn't turn out so hot due to Microsoft's policies.

Walking Dead Game Season 2 Features Clementine. Lee is dead and gamers will have to take on the role of a new hero in the sequel.

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