The Game Critic Choice awards are in for this year's explosive E3 and the PC comes out as the big winner of the event and the Xbox One and Xbox 360 tie to come in second place. The pre-order lists from around the world also indicate that the PS4 is leading the charts but with a very interesting twist: the OUYA is outselling the Xbox One as a best seller of 2013 on Canada's Amazon list. I kid you not. And last but not least, Microsoft wants to win back over the decent people of the internet with a new troll trap for Xbox Live using gamer's reputation. These stories and more in this July 6th, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

PS4 Pre-Orders Make It 2013's Best-Selling Console on Amazon So Far It's not even out yet and the pre-orders are blasting the system straight through the roof.

Whilom: Sins Brings Streets of Rage Gameplay To An RPG Universe And it's all about human organ trafficking...yep, this is one of those kind of games.

Earthbound Zero NES Reproduction Cartridges Now On Sale The original cartridge is available as a reproduction and you should check out the price of this NES gem straight from Japan.

Walking Dead 400 Days Coming In Early July; Player Choices May Affect Season Two oh boy, it looks like the dread of the previous game will carry over into the latest title from TellTale.

Liege, Strike Vector and Armikrog take over Steam's Greenlight Liege is a throwback to games like Tales of Phantasia while Strike Vector is a fast-paced sci-fi flight sim and Armikrog is a spiritual successor to the Neverhood.

BioShock Infinite DLC First Details Coming Next Month Additional DLC for one of the better selling games of the year will arrive next month.

FTL Mod Invading Garry's Mod Grab a crew and command a starship in Garry's Mod, FTL-style.

Gun Club 3 With Added Gameplay Arrives For Android, iOS This Fall Practice your shooting skills on your mobile device and fight for your second amendment rights, just the way the NRA likes it.

Microsoft Bringing Xbox One To Tokyo Game Show Even though you thought this was an unlikely move, Microsoft will attempt to win over the Japanese crowd with Kinect and their vast array of sports TV and media hub features on the Xbox One.

Why People Love Valve And Steam? Ten Simple Reasons A quick list of the reasons people have fallen in love with the digital distribution service and the company that runs it.

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