NHL 14 Cover Athlete Is Martin Brodeur Do you agree with this choice?

The Last of Us Patch Removes Phone Sex Numbers You can no longer use Naughty Dog's game to call up the ladies and talk naughty. Bummer.

Satellite Reign is Syndicate Wars' Spiritual Successor It's good to see more cyber-punk titles coming out and getting some much needed marketing exposure.

Star Wars Republic Patch 2.3 Adds Ewok Companion While many hardcore fanboys complained about the Ewoks in Episode VI, you can have one of these furry hairballs as your companion in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Xbox One Dashboard Has Been Optimized For Ads But it's not the evil, demented ads, it's just the ads you don't care about.

Report: 160 Billion Apps Will Be Downloaded On Mobile Devices In 2017 That's a ton of apps.

Survarium Isn't STALKER 2 But It Sure Looks Like It Vostok Games unveils some new screenshots for the upcoming first-person MMO shooter.

Tesla Fights Zombies In New Puzzle Platformer A Kickstarter game featuring brilliant inventor Nikolai Tesla seems him fighting zombies, Abraham Lincoln style.

Walking Dead 400 Days Of Summer Release Date Allows You To Play It This Week A lot sooner than you thought, eh?

Darkspore Removed From Steam, DRM Errors Prevent People From Playing This is just another sad and pathetic reason why always-on DRM is just another piss-poor and pitifully implemented restriction that does harm to no one but the consumer.

Wii U Could Get Frostbite 3 Games, But EA's Priority Is On PS4, Xbox One Well, they go where the cash is and their “omnidirectional” publishing endeavors might bring them back around to the Wii U... eventually.

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