Defense Grid Awakening Is First Games With Gold Free Offering Technically it's the second game, but it is the first free game post-E3 to be offered for free via XBL.

Don Mattrick Leaves Xbox One, Microsoft To Become Zynga's CEO Ahahaha...hahahah....oh, hohoho...ahaha. I'm sorry. That's the most I'm going to say about that.

SimCity Airships DLC Takes Flight New DLC for EA's SimCity has arrived in the form of airships and aerial craft.

Logitech Pimps Back To School Gaming Gear With Keyboards, Mice, Headsets A friendly reminder from Logitech about their cache of gaming gear.

Lacuna Passage Has Players Surviving In A Realistic Mars Setting A mission to Mars gone wrong and now survival is key. Lacuna Passage is another ambitious indie title that looks to advance where DayZ and Minecraft have made some huge advancements.

VG 24/7 Breaks Records Thanks To The Console War Gaming sites pull in some massive numbers in June due to all the console war coverage.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Vengeance DLC Released On Xbox Activision is still pimping DLC for Black Ops 2 ahead of the release of CoD: Ghosts.

E3 2013 Awards: PC Wins, Xbox One and Xbox 360 Come In Second The Xbox One and the Xbox 360 nab second place behind the PC at E3.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Pre-Order Unlocks Cloud's Buster Sword The outfit and sword on Lightning looks freaking sexy. Way to go Square in doing something right.

Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2 and More Kick Off Xbox Live's Ultimate Summer Game Sale Microsoft finally doles out some decent games for sale on Xbox Live.

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