Interstellar Marines Now Available Via Early Access On Steam Pay a small fee to get in on the highly awaited first-person shooter.

Ubisoft Hacked, Asks Users To Change Passwords The Ubisoft servers have been hit and they request for Uplay owners to change up their passwords.

Walking Dead 400 Days Releases on PS3 The next chapter in the highly anticipated adventure title has finally arrived for the PS3.

Natural Selection 2 Adds Female Marines For Free Unknown Worlds tosses in female marines without getting into the nitty gritty debate of sexism. Ha, fooled you!

RuneScape 3 Launch Date Is Just Over The Horizon, Coming July 22nd Jagex is still pumping out new content for their popular free-to-play MMO, and the third-tier of the game will launch at the end of July.

Warrior Lair Cancelled For PS3, Vita The game that could have shown some great potential has the dust bitten from under its feet.

Nintendo Denies Region Free Gaming For Wii U A major blow for the Wii U against the competition, which has really stepped up their game.

Walking Dead 400 Days Review: Finest Hour Gaming Blend's Pete Haas reviews The Walking Dead: 400 Days. Find out if it's worth the price of admission and carries the same kind of story weight as the other games in the series.

Bleed: Side-Scrolling Devil may Cry Style Game Launches For Steam If you want a game that takes you back to classics like Gunstar and Castlevania, but with all the shoop-de-whoop and bullet-time ballet from games like Max Payne, then Bleed is your kind of game.

NPD To Start Tracking Digital Sales For The Console War Finally, moving out of the stone age era and into the digital times.

Borderlands 2 Heads Skins DLC Brings out Your Inner Duck Hunter New skins and goodies for Borderlands 2 has been unleashed.

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