Mega Man X Coming to Wii U This week, he arrives in all his Blue Bomber glory.

Microsoft Disables Comments on Xbox One Videos Following the harsh criticisms leveled at the company after the interviews broke, things went right downhill for Microsoft and the Xbox One media campaign.

EA Shelves Fight Night, Makes UFC Games Well, this means we won't be getting any more Fight Night games until EA has milked and milked the UFC good...real good.

Former EA CEO Says PS4, Xbox One Always-On DRM Will Not Succeed in the Long Term John Riccitiello has a few things to say about the next-gen consoles...not all good, either.

Gunpoint Brings Tactical Espionage Gameplay To Steam This was a game worth watching from way back before and it's now finally going to be made available on Steam.

Rayman Legends Coming to PS Vita Ubisoft's legendary Rayman game will arrive on Sony's portable device.

7 Days to Die Wants to Mix DayZ With Minecraft Build, craft and survive zombie hordes in 7 Days to Die.

Xbox One, PS4 Leaker Threatens To Leak Damaging Info If He's Arrested Well, he managed to get arrested but let go on bond.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Overwatch Lets Players Enforce Rules By enforcing rules we're talking about some straight-up ban-hammer type stuff.

Review: Jacob Jones & Bigfoot Mystery Find out if the game is worth picking up for your PS Vita.

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