E3 2013: Tracking Down Monsters In Witcher 3 Wild: Hunt Gaming Blend's Ryan Winslett gets some hands-on time with the latest Witcher game.

PS4 Pre-Orders Tops List Of Major Online Retailers Over Xbox One The apples you don't like? Well, they're going to keep falling and you'll have to keep eating them. Them the bricks, kid.

Saints Row 3 Getting Mod Support As Test For Saints Row 4 Mods Volition is finally doing the right thing and opening the game up for mods...thank you, Volition! Thank you!

MadCatZ Arcade Fightsick Tournament Edition 2 Announced For Xbox One A new fightstick is on the horizon from MadCatZ for the XB1.

E3 2013: Exploring Crazy Action With Killer Is Dead Hey, let's not forget about that crazy Suda 51 kid, he still has some interesting titles coming out, too.

Oculus Rift Getting Commercial Release With additional funding, the Oculus Rift is now going to become available for consumers everywhere. Yeah, VR just got legit.

D-Link Gaming Router Announced A router that keeps on giving...if you're a gamer.

Contrast Sticks to The Shadows For PlayStation 4 A crime noir platformer starring a female lead is heading to the PS4.

Fields of War Brings 200 Player Mech Battles To Windows, Mac and Linux 200 player mech battles? Let the lag wars begin!

Witcher 3 DLC Free On PC, May Not Be Free On PS4, XB1 Good news for PC gamers, but not so good news for console gamers.

Shadowrun Returns Launching Soon On Steam Pre-purchases become available for those looking to get in on the retro-style iso-RPG.

State of Decay Patch Isn't Working Right Now However, they'll try to get things sorted in the second title update.

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