Crackdown 3 Is Something Microsoft Wants To See Happen Why it hasn't happened yet? Well, you'll have to click the link to find out.

Dead Space 4 Development Team Working On Something But it's not Dead Space 4.

XCOM Enemy Unknown Gets iPhone, iPad Release Date Firaxis is planning on bringing the turn-based title to mobile devices.

Beatbuddy Story Receiving Some Tender, Loving Care From Rhianna Pratchett The music-based rhythm puzzle game receives some support from writer Rhianna Pratchett.

Dark Matter: The Super Metroid Style Game For Today's Gamer This awesome side-scroller brings some retro-style mechanics to today's generation of gamer.

EA: Star Wars: Battlefront is a Perfect Fit For DICE Well, you don't say?

Titan Fall Not Exclusive To Windows 8, Gamers Rejoice Well it's not exclusive to the OS that Microsoft doesn't even use. Good, good.

State of Decay Sells Over 500k Copies, Sandbox Mode and PC Version on the Way State of Decay racks up some big numbers its first week on the market.

Oddworld New N Tasty Not Coming To Xbox One Due To Indie Restrictions There's still time for change yeah? Still time?!

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