This is the week that features fallout news from E3. This means a few more trailers that didn’t make the circuit runs last week and hands-on previews for highly awaited games…such as Valve’s Portal 2. In fact, new impressions are available of the Portal 2 show floor demo from this year’s E3. Not only that, but Ignition’s stunning and gorgeous new El Shaddai received its debut trailers and it’s unlike any other game coming out. For those of you who are still cautious about purchasing ModNation Racers for the PSP, fear not for you can finally exact a decisive opinion now that a review is up and available. These stories and more in this June 26th, 2010 edition of the Blend Games weekly recap.


ModNation Racers PSP Review. How well does the game work for Sony’s handheld? Well, click the link to find out.

Crackdown 2 Demo Hits Xbox Live With Achievements. There’s also lots of destruction to be had with the demo, too.

THQ Reveal’s Three Console Specific Megamind Games. No console gets left behind in THQ’s plan.

E3 2010: Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 Hands-On Preview. Co-Optimus breaks down what the newest Bionic Commando game is like.


Nintendo Download: Square Enix’s Tales of Bearsworth Manor. Shocking…a real game is added to the queue.

Days of Thunder: NASCAR Edition Screenshots. Unfortunately, Tom Cruise was doing Scientology tours and couldn’t do any voice-over work for the game.

Crackdown 2 Launch Trailer Is Big Bad And Mean. In other words, non-stop shooting, non-stop explosions and non-stop destruction all the way to the bank.

Red Dead Redemption Outlaws To The End Co-Op Mission Pack DLC Trailer. Check out a brief look at the new trailer for the game.

Naughty Bear Multiplayer Modes Revealed.

Supremacy MMA Debut Teaser Skips On The Gameplay. Kung Fu Factory felt ashamed about the no-gameplay in the video and decided to send over a single screenshot.

E3 2010 Def Jam Rapstar Fact Sheet. Making rap videos, sharing music and busting rhymes is just a few of the gameplay options available in this new Def Jam game.


Alpha Protocol Patch On The Way: No DLC In The Works. A patch to fix the blip but no DLC for the poor saps who actually put money into this game. Too bad.

Red Dead Redemption Outlaws to the End DLC Released. If, by some margin of non-stop-play, you managed to conquer the game and wanted some more out of it, check out the new DLC.

Tales of Fantasy Call of Destiny Patch Has North Dungeons. And not just any kind of dungeon, PvP dungeons.

Dragon Ball Origins 2 Fights Into Retailers for DS. Yet another Dragon Ball game…how original.

Xbox Live Gold Family Subscription and New Family Settings Announced. Keeping the family safe as well as getting a deal on family usage, all in one not-so-cheap package.

Pokemon National Championships Start This Weekend. If you know what defeats what in Pokemon you could be sitting pretty as a world champion. Check it out to get all the details.


Rift: Planes of Telera First Screenshots Revealed. Once it was called, Heroes of Telera and now it’s called Planes of Telera. Get a first-hand glimpse at Trion’s new MMO after the jump.

Napoleon Total War Peninsular Campaign DLC Patch Now Available. New patch for the DLC to keep the action fluent and the strategy fresh.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Onslaught Mode Hits PS3; Xbox 360 Release Coming Soon. Ah, looks like Xbox 360 owners are starting to get the retard treatment when it comes to DLC.

Dragonica Online: Paris Strikes Back Expansion Goes Live. Paris opens up a can with brand new environments, PvP arenas and more for Dragonica.

El Shaddai Ascension of the Megatron Breathtaking Debut Trailers. This game looks mighty awesome and you can check out the two new debut trailers.

DeathSpank Arriving for Xbox 360 and PS3 In July; New Screenshots Available.

DC Comics Arrive On The PSP. Get all your favorite comics right from the comfort of your handheld.

I Am Alive New Teaser Trailer Hints At Possible Gameplay. It’s sad when you’re still trying to figure out what you actually do in a game.

No New SSX In Development. All the money that EA makes and guess what? If you guessed that no new SSX game was in development you would be correct.


Resident Evil Revelations 3DS Debut Trailer. Jill confronts Chris and then Chris Confronts Jill confronting another Chris. It’s as dramatic as it sounds.

Counter Strike Source Now On Mac. One of the most popular shooter games ever is now available on Mac.

Alan Wake 2 Not Confirmed Yet. Remedy may have talked about a sequel but they have yet to confirm one.

Impulse Celebrates Birthday With Discounts. Get some digital downloads for the cheap with Impulse’s birthday discounts.

Saw II: The Game Will Be Running On The Unreal Engine 3. So all your gory fantasies can come to life like never before.

Steam Summer Sale begins. Now that summer is here it’s time to bask in the mid-year Steam sales.

Sims 3 Create-A-Pattern Tool Released. Now you can create your own patterns without third-party software. Check it out.

Wipeout The Game Casually Invades DS And Wii. This piece of…oops, I mean, casual title is now available on Nintendo’s casual crusaders.

Team Fortress Wannabe, MicroVolts, Entering Closed Beta Soon. If you liked Team Fortress 2’s art-style but wanted a free-to-play shooting version of that game, look no further than MicroVolts.

Editorial: The Real Reason APB Reviews Are Embargoed. It all comes out…find out why APB has been getting the silent treatment across the gaming news spectrum.


Dragon Age Leliana’s Song DLC Trailer. New trailer for the new DLC for Leliana’s song…and it seems a little…well, you can view it for yourself.

Halo Fall of Reach Comic Announced by Marvel. A dynamic new comic is on the way featuring how Reach fell.

Ghostbuster’s Achivements Patch Coming This Fall. Having problem getting proper rep for your achievements? No prob, a patch is on the way.

Medal of Honor PS3 Beta Patch is Days Away. Activision now gets to quake in their boots now that Medal of Honor is getting a reboot with a kick butt new storyline and gameplay.

Monster Hunter Tri Receives Lion’s Bane Weapon. An uber monster-killing weapon called the Lion’s Bane is now up for grabs…and boy does it look vicious.

The Last King of Africa Announced for iPhone. An esoteric new title for the iPhone is on the way from the same mind that brought you Siberia.

Global Agenda now Subscription Free. There’s no longer a need to lay money into this game on a month-to-month basis. Find out how Hi-Rez Studios is changing the payment layout for this MMO shooter.

Fat Princess Fat Roles DLC Patch 1.06 Incoming. Find out what’s in the patch and what the new DLC is all about.

Allods Online: Revelations of Gipat Officially Releasing July 10th. Not only is the release date official but a bunch of new changes are in store, too.

Splatterhouse Combat Media Blowout. We roll into the weekend with a gruesome look at the bloody-gory combat of Splatterhouse.


Portal 2 Demo Gameplay. Some brand new gameplay for Portal 2 from E3.

Faxion Online Debut Screenshots Revealed. Brand new screenshos of the new MMO.

Twisted Metal to Feature Split-Screeen Co-op. Well that’s good news for gamers wanting to tear up some metal with friends…locally.

E3 2010: Fable 3 Details From The Showfloor. Co-Optimus takes a look at the new game during E3.

Microvolts Beta Phase Registration Opens. You can register to partake in the upcoming closed beta of the game that takes toys to the extreme.

MDK2 Coming To Wii: MDK2 HD Coming To PC. A retro remake is on the way for gamers of the new generation.

Rumor: Hulu Coming To PS3. After being confirmed for the Xbox 360, there are now rumors surfacing that the television service could be arriving on the PS3.

That wraps up this June 26th edition of the Blend Games Weekly Recap. You can check out the official debut trailer for the non-targeting MMO, Divine Souls from OutSpark. It’s an awesome new game that’s aimed to rival the likes of Nexon’s Vindictus and El Masse’s TERA.

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