SimCity Ads Suspended Due To Bad Press EA is taking every precaution necessary to save the game from complete and utter failure.

Gundog Preps Early April Beta Test Anthromorphic dogs to the rescue. OGPlanet rolls out some new details on the upcoming MMO.

RaiderZ Broken Silence Expansion Now Available One of the very best F2P games gets expanded to become even bigger.

Injustice Blackest Night DLC Revealed By Amazon Based on the popular comic series, die-hard fans will be able to get the DLC by pre-ordering from Amazon.

Killing Floor 2 Spotted By Steam Database App How true it is remains to be seen, but it's not unlikely.

God of War Ascension Trophy Changed Due To Sexism Charges Bros before foes...that's the new slogan. No longer sexist. Everyone is happy.

SimCity Always-On DRM Is A Disease, Says RPS The gaming press has spoken and it's the one time gamers really need to listen.

StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm Reworks League Play Blizzard wants to focus on League Play but they might want to start with LAN play.

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