One of the most talked about events of the week was Eidos president reiterating that the Xbox 720 will have always-on DRM and watermarkings for the discs so as to prevent them from being played on other machines. This, of course, caused a miniature internet explosion on the far side of the hardcore gaming communities. Good news for Diablo fans...the game will be playable offline, for PS3 and PS4, and Square Enix registers Deus Ex Human Defiance. These stories and more in this March 2nd, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Sega Can't Sue Gearbox Over Embezzlement, Says Sega Employee And the plot thickens even more than it did the last time the plot got thick.

RIFT Update 2.2 Celebrates Two Year Anniversary, Brings Back Carnival Ascended Trion is keeping the updates rolling out and keeping them fresh.

Project Awakened Is The Greatest Super Hero Game You May Not Get To Play This is something every gamer should know about but sadly, doesn't.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2014 Enhances Online Country Clubs EA adds more country clubs to the upcoming Tiger Woods title.

PS4 $299 Is The Magic Price Point So says an analyst. Do you agree?

Legend of Grimrock 2 Announced The sequel is currently in development. Find out slightly more after the jump.

GeForce GTX Titan GPU Sports 6GB GDDR5 Memory And it has 2.6k CUDA Cores. The specs on this card are so beastly it's insane.

Physics-Based Destruction Derby Game Announced By Bugbear Entertainment From the makers of Flatout comes a new-gen destruction derby title.

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