Soul Sacrifice DLC Details Revealed While DLC usually is met with groans and moans by most core gamers, the good news in this story is that the first three packs of DLC for the game will be free.

Hearthstone Heroes Warcraft Void Terror Card Is A Warlock's Best Friend A new card for the new CCG of Warcraft is revealed.

Teen Killed His Mom Because She Took Away Call of Duty This is an extremely depressing story and you should brace yourself before clicking the link.

Skyrim Oculus Rift Support Invades Garry's Mod Really cool mods appear in Garry's Mod, further changing the game into something completely unrecognizable.

Iron Man 3 Mark XVII Heartbreaker Mod Invades GTA IV Super awesome mod that puts you in the shoes of Iron Man, complete with all sorts of awesome gadgets and repulsor technology.

Light Hero Rewards Up to $100,000 To One Lucky Completionist

Monster Hunter Online Will Release Internationally, Beta Set For June This is good news for a lot of gamers who felt burned that the game may have been relegated to a China-only release.

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