Nvidia FaceWork Tech Demo Now Available To Burn Up Your GPU Nvidia allows anyone to test out their GPU against the mammoth FaceWork Tech've been warned.

Review: Deadly Premonition Director's Cut Is A Wonderful Mess Gaming Blend's own Ryan Winslett gives a complete rundown of what makes Deadly Premonition such a beautifully messy B-movie style thriller.

BioShock Infinite Sells 3.7 Million Units Ken Levine's amazing single-player FPS managed to move 3.7 million units.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 5 Gets Name And Fall Release Date So what is Capcom calling this latest Ace Attorney? Check the link to see the name.

Matrix Games Discounts Napolean War Crown for Glory A few of Matrix's titles get a discount this week.

Cube World Explores Combat, Crafting and Exploration This really is one of the better upcoming indie games out there that we never knew existed.

Witcher 2 RedKit SDK Now Available, Let The Modding Begin! CD Projekt RED continues to do right by the gaming community and offers up the next generation of the RedKit.

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