Skullgirls Releases Skins, DLC On PSN You can check out some new skins for Skullgirls, which are now available on PSN.

Xbox Reveal Event Will Be Held in a Giant Tent Microsoft will unveil the next generation Xbox in a giant tent.

Twitch.Tv and Turtle Beach Join Forces in eSports One of the top providers of audio headset technologies has joined one of the fastest growing digital transmission eSports providers.

Nvidia's Project Shield Launches This June For $350 I have no idea who on Earth would buy this and not just get another PC or...better yet, an old Android with a controller peripheral.

DUST 514 Launches For PS3 The free-to-play MMO has officially launched for Sony's console. Too bad it's not on PC.

RIFT Going Free to Play Trion World just couldn't hold on and their MMO is now going the free-to-play route. Hope long time fans don't abandon the cause because of this.

Payday 2 Too Large for Xbox Live Arcade and PSN The game is just way too big you're for the current generation online services and will have to head to retail to maximize its potential. Definitely good news for fans of the first Payday.

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