Spider-Man 2 Developer Unveils Energy Hook With $1 Kickstarter It's an innovative way to at least get people supporting the game and contributing without having to feel obligated to support the project for fear of the crowd-funding aim not meeting its goal.

CastleStorm Storms XBLA May 29th You can check out the physics-based arcade title for XBLA later this month.

Shadow Warrior Announced For PC, PS4 The reboot of the classic 1990s shooter has officially been announced by veteran shooter developer, Flying Wild Hog.

Xbox One's Kinect is Always On And Listening The Kinect never turns off and it's always keeping an eye on you.

Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded Delayed To Late June Replay Studios hits the delay button on Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded to polish up the game.

Pinball Arcade Offers Bundled Savings For PS, Vita Save big on the pinball arcade titles for Sony's platforms.

Dragon Prophet Soars Into Open Beta May 30th The game will arrive for the masses at the end of May.

Enlighten Next Generation Lighting Tech Available For Xbox One Geomerics has announced that their next generation lighting tool is currently available to developers for Microsoft's recently announced Xbox One.

PS4 Vs Xbox One Console Reveal Breakdown So which console won...in your opinion?

Xbox One Announced, Has Specs Almost Equivalent to PS4 Microsoft unveils its next-gen media entertainment device and it's quite the spectacle.

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