DayZ Loses Dean “Rocket” Hall
Speaking of DayZ... say it ain't say so, Batman. The man that brought the zombie genre to the forefront of intensity and interactivity with a true open-world survival title will be parting ways with Bohemia Interactive. I'm curious how well this will work out with the game's potential port to the home consoles? Anyway, Dean “Rocket” Hall, the lead designer of the mod that helped make him a mega-star and the standalone game that made him a millionaire overnight is just going to be a big blot on his resume as the thing that helped propel him to stardom. Cliffy B and Peter Molyneux better watch out, because the “Rocket Man” is in town. Hopefully he finds success in his new start-up the same way he found success with DayZ.

Titanfall's Install Size Is Huge
The “all-digital future” keeps hitting a bunch of road bumps, mostly with the download and install sizes for certain new generation games. The latest game detailed in the digital metaverse of the Xbox One is Titanfall, and it's huge. The game clocks in the double digit gigabytes when it comes to the download and install and it has some people up in arms about how well that all-digital future will play out when those bandwidth caps and ISPs are starring them hard in the face regarding all that usage. Your bandwidth also isn't anymore safe after the game downloads and installs given that Twitch will also launch with Titanfall, and that could definitely help bring the bandwidth caps to whole new heights as you watch people play games while watching TV on your TV, or while the NSA and GCHQ watch you on TV while you watch TV.

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