Legend Of Zelda Wii U Steals The Show
Nintendo dropped some megatons at this year's E3, unveiling the brand new Legend of Zelda U and Star Fox as well as brand new IP such as Splatoon and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. Additionally, Nintendo dropped some major new details and gameplay footage of Xenoblade Chronicles X and they set a release date for Hyrule Warriors. This day was all about Nintendo and they dropped remakes of Ruby and Sapphire as well as showing off an awesome Super Smash Bros. tournament. Oh yeah, and id Software teased Doom 4.

E3 Hands-On Previews Galore
This E3 we had some Gaming Blend correspondents on hand to play-test a ton of the awesome games that are coming out this year, next year and the years beyond for your favorite gaming systems. This includes exclusive previews for Homefront: Revolution, a first-hand look at Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U, as well as some exploration in the Tales From The Borderlands, and finally, hands-on time with the most highly anticipated VR gear this side of the Virtual-Boy with War Thunder. We learn more about the multiplayer in Assassin's Creed: Unity, Square Enix revealed that a highly loved Final Fantasy game is coming to the Xbox One and PS4, and Alien Isolation appears to be living up to the hype.

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