Wii And DS Multiplayer Shutdown
Nintendo has gone and done it, shutting down the WFC for the Wii and Nintendo DS. Various new games are made available on PlayStation Plus. Additional details about Far Cry 4 have been leaked. Jet Car Stunts had previously not been on the radar for the Xbox One, but now things are changing up for the better. Plextor has announced that they're giving away free SSDs all the way up until 2015. There's a list of things in Hearthstone that might drive you crazy. And Halo 5's design director condemns the whole insider aspect that has grown considerably over the years.

GTA V Housewife Lawsuit Gets A Response
One of the reality TV stars suing Rockstar Games over Grand Theft Auto V finally got a response from Rockstar. That's well worth checking out if you have some time in your life to devote to a bit of gossip. The Tales of-style Kickstarter JRPG from a French studio could be coming soon to a Wii U near you. Watch Dogs still trips and falls over itself, as the game has recently leaked on torrents for the Xbox 360. Despite all the controversy, Tomodochi Life has been updated with some startling new features. Valve has launched Steam's in-home streaming service, and the homebrew community has rescued the Wii and DS' online gaming communities.

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