Wii U Kiosks Popping Up At Select Retailers Nintendo begins ramping up marketing and promotion of the Wii U.

GTA 5 Pre-Order Now Available You can start placing pre-orders for the game right now, ahead of the spring, 2013 launch.

THQ Delays Company of Heroes 2, South Park, Metro Last Light Fiscal 2014 will make or break THQ at this point.

Steam Closed Beta Finally Launches For Linux Linux users can now get into the action and start using Steam.

Sui Generis Video Shows Diablo-Style Combat With Procedural Physics This is one of the most technically proficient games I've seen in a long time.

Deadpool Election Day Image Makes Birther Joke Nothing like bringing a little bit of comedy to an otherwise nerve-wrecking day.

No Time To Explain Brings Nonstop Action-Comedy To Greenlight This is easily one of the silliest games on Greenlight right now and totally deserves a few upvotes.

Assassin's Creed Anthology Includes All Games & DLC It's like a GOTY edition but without it being a GOTY edition. You get everything Assassin's Creed in one package. No more ripping off or disc-locked content.

Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC Screenshots Reveal Female Turian Character Want to see how Garrus would look as a kickbutt Turian chick? Well, click the link to get a looksy.

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