Walking Dead Game Trailer Details Episode 4, Player Stats How many zombies killed? How many teammates killed? How many bandits did you let steal all your supplies? These questions and much more answered in the new game trailer.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Season Pass Includes Nuketown Zombies Map A free map? What is this heresy?!

Blizzard Says Authenticators Aren't Required For Diablo 3 Well, that's a relief.

DMC Vergil's Downfall DLC Arriving Right After Launch Well at least it's not disc-locked, eh?

Minecraft Sells 8 million Copies On PC With A $0 Marketing Budget It's not often that a game moves that many copies without mass marketing.

Dawn of Fantasy Introduces Dragons With The End World Expansion It's becoming a big thing to destroy the game world and start over. Get ready to experience a destroyed world and start over in Dawn of Fantasy.

Marvel Super hero Squad Online Breaks 4 Million Users, Re-Launches Website Gazillion is servicing fans by re-launching the website to celebrate the 4 million mark.

CryEngine Outpacing Unreal Engine in Asia, Says CEO Yerli breaks down who is winning which region when it comes to selling engine licenses, and he claims that CryEngine has Asia all wrapped up nice and neat like a Christmas morning present.

Adam Sessler Returns To Games At Revision3 After leaving X-Play the gaming guru joins another popular gaming network.

Wii U Sensor Bar Required For Wii Games If you want to play your old Wii games you will need the sensor bar.

Mass Effect 4 Brings Big Changes To Series The biggest change is that it's running on Frostbite 2.0.

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