Vanguard Princess Brings Japanese 2-on-2 Fighting To Steam Greenlight A gorgeous looking, fast-paced tag-team fighter needs your votes!

Wolf Among Us Prowls Onto Vita This Fall The Vita will receive one of the more highly anticipated titles this fall.

Zombie Panic Successor Contagion Now On Steam It started off as a Half-Life mod and has evolved into its own full fledged thing. Great on them. You can grab a digital copy right now from Steam.

Xbox One Game Install Sizes Revealed: Digital Future Is Not Possible Right Now Unless you can pull some fiber optics out of your butthole, it doesn't look good with the current sizes of next-gen titles.

Slender The Arrival, Blood of the Werewolf Make You Scream On Steam Two highly anticipated indie games make their way on to Steam.

Earth Defense Force 2025 Crawls Onto PS3 Next February The third-person shooter will arrive on Sony's console

Xbox One Dashboard Can't Be Shown Due To Licensing Issues, Says Albert Penello Well, I guess that resolves the matter of “put up or shut up”.

Xbox One OS Issues Are Widespread? Microsoft's Phil Spencer Chimes In Things continue to spiral out of control in the Microsoft camp. I imagine they might do a media lockdown again like they did during E3.

Origin Adds Dual GTX 780s To EON17-SLX Laptops If you want a laptop powerful enough to run Xbox One games, the EON17-SLX has you covered.

Assassin's Creed 4, Battlefield 4 Highlight The Week On PSN Two of the biggest games this fall mark the highlight for the PlayStation Network this week.

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