Eurogamer Responds To Criticisms, Legal Threats, Rob Florence's Departure You get a first-hand response from Tom Bramwell about what really went down and how he hopes it doesn't start and end with what Florence wrote.

Scarlet Blade Debut Trailer Released, Promotes One-Handed Gameplay You only need one hand really and it's just to look around at the characters.

StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm Clan Details Announced Blizzard clans up the latest expansion for StarCraft 2.

Analyst Expects GTA 5 To Sell 20 Million Units It's pegged as being one of the biggest releases this generation.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Coming To Wii U? Ubisoft is looking to potentially cash in on the Wii U craze and you can't blame them.

Video Game Alphabet Video Tests Your Knowledge A cool new viral video that's been making the rounds.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 Confirmed By Voice Actor Well that's a huge surprise. Not!

Dead Island Riptide Release Date And Special Edition Revealed One of the few IPs that were completely and entirely sold because of a cinematic debut trailer. Let's see how well the sequel fares.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Gets An Official Spring 2013 Release Date This is it folks, Rockstar has confirmed that the game is launching next spring!

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