Pokemon: Why I'm Finally Going To Play Gaming Blend's Ryan Winslett talks about his experience with finally playing Pokemon.

Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z Coming to Steam Tecmo Koei has built up the intestinal fortitude to launch the game on Steam... for PC.

Square Enix Takes Kickstarter Route With Collective They've dabbled in cloud-based gaming and now they're trying their hand at crowd-funding. Oh Square...

Dungeon Defenders 2 Won't Be A League of Legends Clone This is good news... very good news.

Guild Wars 2 Halloween 2013 Celebration Some primetime content is coming to Guild Wars 2 to celebrate Halloween.

State of Decay Breakdown DLC Coming in OctoberUndead Labs is working on some solid DLC for the game and it'll be out before the month is finished. Then maybe they can get back to work on the PC version.

Killzone Mercenary Interview: Scoring Music For ISA and Helghast We chat it up with Walter Mair about the task of composing the soundtrack to Killzone Mercenary.

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