Minecraft Version of World of Warcraft Now In Beta They're remaking WoW in Minecraft...now that's some feat. Check out the beta to find out how to get in on the action.

Rayman Legends Pushed Back To Q1 2013 For Wii U It's no longer a launch title for Nintendo's newest home console but the delay only pushes the game back into the early first half of 2013.

Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Announced For those of you who don't like non-mechanical keyboards.

God of War Ascension Demo Available In Total Recall Blu-Ray Giving gamers a taste of goodness from a movie that's filled with nothing but badness.

NHL 13 Bug Takes Your MS Points; EA Has No Fix, Avoids Refunds So they're royally screwing you over and they don't care. This, is why we hate EA.

XCOM Enemy Unknown Is A Metacritic Winner The coveted 90/100 is achieved by the unlikely strategy title.

Dishonored Review: Fun As Hell Although, I don't think it's as hot.

EA Studio Hiring For Unannounced Need for Speed Game Something along the lines of getting to work in Sweden with hot chicks pretty much sums it up. And they've got a lot of spots to fill, so tell your buddies.

Tomb Raider Pre-order Bonuses Include DLC, Art Book While you wait for the DLC to unlock on your disc you get to look at some pretty art. They already thought it through.

Injustice Gods Among Us Adds Green Arrow He's a pretty cool addition to the game.

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