Medal of Honor Warfighter Could Be A Major Disappointment Says Analyst Given the pre-release buzz...(or lack thereof) some analysts believe that the game could under perform.

League of Legends Season Two Finals Watched By 8 Million Yikes, Riot's MOBA game is really hitting some big numbers...even more-so than a lot of television shows.

Borderlands 2 Graveyard.sav Virus Ruins Your Save File Forever Make a backup and lookout, otherwise you could be eating some humble pie thanks to the Graveyard.

Joe Madureira Leaves Vigil Games One of the bright minds behind Vigil's latest release departs from the studio.

Assassin's Creed 3, Halo 4 Multiplayer Removed From Redbox Rentals Oh boy, it looks like you'll only be able to experience multiplayer if you buy the full thing.

BioShock Infinite Industrial Revolution Screenshots Show Merchnical Puzzles More than 60 puzzles to round out the experience.

Borderlands Legends Revealed For iOS The game is making its way to portable devices, giving you some BL content while you're on the go.

Greatest Video Game Music 2 Coming On November 6th A collection of some of the greatest tunes from the latest games will be available in a soundtrack shortly.

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