Reloaded Productions Heads To kickstarter For Hailan Rising Separate from the APB team, this Reloaded Productions aims to make a new game on Kickstarter.

Minecraft 1.4 Delayed By Bugs Well isn't that a surprise? Actually, no it isn't at all. In fact, if you weren't expected bugs you probably haven't been playing Minecraft for very long.

EA's Wii U Games Require An Origin Account For Multiplayer Of course, EA needs control and playing any Wii U game online means you'll be playing via Origin.

Unfinished Swan Arrives On PSN This is easily one of the most creative games made this gen and it's finally available for PS3 gamers.

Borderlands Legends Officially Announced, First Screenshots Released An isometric shooter for iOS and it looks like a really awesome Fallout clone. Nice!

XCOM Enemy Unknown Slingshot DLC Announced Shortly after launch 2K has a line-up of new content in store for XCOM fans.

Mad Catz STRIKE 5 Keyboard Now Available Limited Quantities One of the coolest looking keyboards on the market becomes available over at Mad Catz' website.

Zynga Lays Off 100 Employees While Stocks Plummet Oh Zynga, will you ever learn?

Square Enix Licenses Unreal Engine 4 For Next-Gen Titles Big news for Square and the future of their titles.

Tomb Raider Box Art Shows Lara On Her Own Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix prep for the release of the reboot of Tomb Raider.

NeoGeo X Gold Offers Free Game For Early Adopters Anything NeoGeo related is probably worth checking out, especially when a free game is involved.

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