Capcom Ships 4.5 Million Copies of Resident Evil 6 The game hasn't been out for a week and Capcom already has several million copies circulating retailer shelves around the world.

Home Tycoon Brings City Building To PlayStation Home You can now build up cities, towns and neighborhoods thanks to the meta-game being made available in PlayStation Home.

Cliff Bleszinkski Leaves Epic Oh man, poor Cliffy B, he's done for.

Capcom Promises Devil May Cry Won't Have Disc-Locked Content There you go, Capcom is making some progress.

World of Warcraft Dev Says Single-Player Games Are An Endangered Species Well of course they are, it's because publishers like to kill them and attach needless multiplayer to them.

NBA 2K13 Lets You Become Justin Bieber This is not a troll post, this is for real folks. Legitimately real. Watch the video. The only thing it's missing is more throw up.

XCOM Enemy Unknown Designer Goes Undercover To Sell His Game The charismatic Jake Solomon does some undercover marketing for XCOM: Enemy Unknown to great effect. Check it out in the video after the jump.

Tim Schafer, Notch Help Promote Kickstarter For An Old School RPG An original old-school RPG is looking for a little funding and they bring in some heavy hitters to help them promote their game.

Assassin's Creed 3 Tyranny Of King George Washington Single-Player Is A DLC Campaign An interesting set of missions have been revealed for AC3 where George Washington is the bad guy...yeah...crazy, huh?

Resident Evil 6 Producer Responds To Poor Review Scores, Says Game Must Be Broadly Appealing Making the game appeal to a mass audience is no easy task and it requires sterilizing the game of a lot of what made it original.

Humble Indie Bundle 6 Earns $2 Million The set of indie games has garnered quite a bit from the pay-what-you-want venture.

Montague Mount Joins IndieGoGo The indie title looks for a little crowd-sourcing via IndieGoGo if you're willing to give it a “Go Go”. Get it? No? Okay.

PlayStation Mobile Service Now Available Get updates, info and all the necessary details on your PlayStation products via your mobile phone thanks to the new PS Mobile service.

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