Cliffy B Doesn't Want Discs For Xbox 720, PS4 Why, Cliffy, whhhhhhhhy?!

FTL Faster Than Light Is A Kickstarter Success, Makes Steam's Top 10 The game was funded by the community and managed to make the top 10 as a best selling game of the week.

Blackspace Kickstarter Takes Whole New Approach To Deep Space RTS It's a good looking game with a brand new take on the concept of real-time strategy.

Castle Miner Z Sells One Million Copies On Xbox Live Who says you need a massive marketing budget to reap success in the world of gaming?

Torchlight And Five Other Games Headline Humble Indie Bundle The Humble Indie Bundle 6 has gone live featuring Torchlight.

Anodyne Brings Back 16-bit Legend of Zelda-Style Gameplay It's a cool looking game with a neat concept and a throwback to old-school gaming.

Capcom Aims To Handle Resident Evil 6 On PC Right, Avoiding RE4 Disaster If you remember Resident Evil 4 on PC then you know that Capcom needs time to make sure that Resident Evil 6 arrives on PC in the right manner.

BioWare Co-Founders Leaving Company, Gaming Industry Oh boy, this is pretty big news. The guys who helped shape the company are giving up on the gaming industry for good. So sad.

Bethesda's Pete Hines Tells Angry PS3 Gamers Main Is What Counts, Not DLC Oh of course, add-on content is just that, but people still don't like to be egged around.

Resident Evil 6 Demo Now Available on Consoles Try your hand at RE6 before you play the game. The demo has received some poor feedback but the game is still said to be very fun.

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