Dustforce Coming to Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita One of the more obscure platformers will arrive on home consoles, courtesy of Capcom.

Diablo 3 PS4 Might Support PS3 Characters. Blizzard is potentially adding some extra tender loving care to the console rendition of one of the biggest selling PC games of all time.

Halo 5 Story Details Aren't True, Microsoft Says Well, back to the drawing board when it comes to Halo 5 story rumors.

Aces Wild Brings Anime-Style Brawling Action To Steam Greenlight

Cosmic Star Heroine Coming PS4, PS Vita, Kickstarter Campaign Launching Soon Another new game makes its way to the Kickstarter regime.

Xbox One Won't Support External Hard Drives At Launch Major Nelson drops an unfortunate bomb on the Xbox One gamers. No external hard drive support at launch.

Timesplitters Rewind Is In Development For PS4 Good news for fans of Timesplitters, as the game that gained its fame on consoles is, indeed, in development for Sony's console.

Lost Island Launches On Desura An isometric, ¾ view ARPG for PC has recently launched on Desura.

Why Xbox One Doesn't Have Illumiroom You know that cool thing known as Illumiroom? Well, it won't be launching with the Xbox One... it may not even be coming at all.

Mighty No. 9 Surpasses Kickstarter Goal In One Day Keiji Inafune's not-quite-Mega Man game has successfully garnered the support it needs to become the reality that gamers are so happily expecting.

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